"Our dream at My LifePlan® is for everyone to be able to make their vital emergency information known, even when they are unable to voice it."

- Ruth Skocic, Founder, CEO, President & Chairman of the Board


("My LifePlan") and MyChoice were founded to help you have a voice in an emergency event.

Imagine that a loved one has a medical condition such as an allergy, diabetes, heart disease, autism, or Alzheimer’s. Imagine that a loved one gets into a car accident.

Envision in these tragedies that your loved one is incoherent or unable to speak.

The first responder on the scene is unable to identify them, has no way of knowing their vital medical history, their emergency contacts, and what medical needs they may have.

Now imagine a service that eliminates these problems.

In an emergency or end of life stage no more Jane or John Does. No more people left behind in a medical dilemma. A service providing critical information about an individual when time is of the essence - and most importantly, it’s about giving a voice to someone who cannot speak on their own behalf.

Our mission is simple: to reduce suffering and save lives in an emergency event or medical dilemma.

The My LifePlan/My Choice System is protected by patent number 8,234,125, issued in the United States and Trade Secrets, Copyrights and Trademarks.

When you can't speak for yourself, MyChoice speaks for you.